November 21, 2009


We are Handsome
In a few short weeks, this absolutely incredible, uber cool, amazing, beautiful (can you tell we are obsessed) one-pieces will be hitting our store.
The pieces are made by hand using Italian lycra, and printed with high density inks..(some sort of complicated process) and the designs are limited edition sourced from retro vintage images and designed by the talented duo Indhra and Jeremy. It is with baited breath that we anticipate....
THEMIAMI1.jpg picture by desordreTHELOSANGELES1.jpg picture by desordreTHEJUPITER1.jpg picture by desordreTHEARABIA1.jpg picture by desordreTHEDELAWARE1.jpg picture by desordreTHEAFRICA1.jpg picture by desordre
JAMESDEAN1.jpg picture by desordre

total LOVE

xx don't forget to email us for any enquiries

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