December 21, 2009

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May I present the Quality Woman!
What does that one say?                       
They all say the same thing. 
Everyone in Paris is laughing.  
 - I'm not. - This is all your fault. 
 - I know. I said things I shouldn't have. 
 - She got upset.
 - Just a lovers' quarrel. - A what?
 - You and that girl... - Why not?
 - Impossible! You're in the fashion world.    
- We're cold, artificial and without sentiment.
- How can you be in love? - I'm a black sheep.
- What about my collection? Without her I cannot show it.                     
- The gowns were sewn on her! 
- I'm facing ruin!                     
She'll show up. The girl has integrity.
She's filled with virtues. 
Only she's not wasting them on us.
-Excerpt from Funny Face
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