December 6, 2009

quite the life

Barbie, you never age.. you never put on weight, designers beg to dress you, your always smiling, your teeth are so white, you have a hundred occupations yet always time for the beach, you have Ken, nobody ever mocks you for wearing so much pink or dressing up as Cinderella, your hair is always shiny (whatever its colour), you have a dream house, a pink cadillac and a stable full of horses AND your feet never hurt even in the highest of heels all day long!

and now you have Christian Louboutin personally making your heels...

oh Barbie. How do you do it?

We love you xxbw1.jpg picture by desordre

barbie1.jpg picture by desordrebarbie2.jpg picture by desordrebarbie3-1.jpg picture by desordrebw2.jpg picture by desordre

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