January 3, 2010

poladroid6.jpg picture by desordrepoladroid4.jpg picture by desordrepoladroid7.jpg picture by desordrepoladroid5.jpg picture by desordrepoladroid8.jpg picture by desordrepoladroid2.jpg picture by desordre
The girls are wearing creations by Aje, Ellery, Seventh Wonderland, Brooke Daniels
email desordrestore@gmail.com for enquiries re sales xx


Studded Hearts said...

lovely photos.
where is that black sequin dress in the first pic from?

Lashes said...

All of these outfits are so beautiful and unique! do you know who designed them? i really love them, you always have the best things your blog :)

Désordre said...

Thanks x

The black sequin dress is from AJE we still have it available in black and in gold, we photographed all the outfits ourselves. And are noted on earlier posts various designers..
will reference on this post now x