April 20, 2010

Bambino dans la foret

Autumn/Winter 2010
'Bambino dans la foret'

aje6.jpg picture by desordre
aje5.jpg picture by desordreaje4.jpg picture by desordreaje3.jpg picture by desordreaje2.jpg picture by desordre
ajeb1.jpg picture by desordre
aje1.jpg picture by desordre

Image 1 and 2: Debbi - one shoulder sequin dress $800
Image 3: Natalia Pony cap sleeve dress (available in black and charcoal) $645
Image 4: Faithful Pony hem mini skirt (available in black and charcoal) $320
Image 5: Jett leggings $675
Image 6: Love bodysuit (Available in black and navy) $300
Image 7: Cindi double embellished shoulder top (available in ivory and navy sequin) $895

delivery arriving soon - email all enquiries/orders to desordrestore@gmail.com


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