May 16, 2010

Dr. Strange love

latest Ellery installment available at desordre. x

eW101.jpg picture by desordre
Virginia Blazer - Tan (As pictured) $740
eW102.jpg picture by desordre
Anatomic one shoulder dress with claw embellishment - Black $672

eW104.jpg picture by desordre
Sequestrum Snazzy sleeve jersey dress - tan and acid wash charcoal (pictured) $260

eW106.jpg picture by desordre
Speculuum leather jacket - ice blue leather (as pictured) without embellishment - $1520
also available in grey wool felt $570

eW105.jpg picture by desordre
eW103.jpg picture by desordre

Aponeurosis jersey winged maxi dress - Acid wash charcoal (As pictured) $560


FashionFreak said...

I loved those pictures.
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Catharina said...

Brilliant title!

Anonymous said...

very inspirational


Jeff Smith said...

nice post love it
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