August 10, 2010

3 Little blondes were here.

Laura - 'Leather jacket with pony collar $740, Ellery Alice Grey singlet $208, Maurie & Eve Mexican Spectator Pants $145 and Half Lion spirit hood $95
Imogen - ' Ellery Leather crepe tee $300, Mrs Press exclusive Black Stella short $245 and Ellery ostrich collar' 
Shona - 'Ellery Alice Singlet  $199, with Ellery Emily skirt $220 and Spirit Hood black cat $95'

It was a Saturday night, all was quiet in the house... not a creature was stirring.. not even a mouse
Then three young girls tottered through the door, with Swedish cider in hand there were shoots and sillyness galore. 

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Marloes. said...

very fun shots!