August 30, 2010

Aje 'Le Safari'

The beautiful 'Aje' collection is due to arrive very soon....

email to secure your favourite!

Morrocco dress - grey (pictured) $270

Congo Top - khaki (pictured) $450

kavango Dress-available in white (pictured) and latte $460

Blue Jean Dress- available in white (pictured) and black $460

Macaw Dress - black (pictured) $480

Desert Maxi - available in tan (pictured) and black $400

Bou bou dress  - Available in black (pictured) and white $180

Combat mini -Tan leather $390

Simple Snake Tee - white and black $125
Killer python short shorts $250
-available in white cotton and black

Temptress Jacket -Tan leather $750

Uriel shirt - graphite (pictured) $190

Bumblina Dress -available in black (pictured) and white $250


Rich Girls. said...

ooh. love the kavango dress.
mostly with that vest in those lovely colours. x.

FashionLifeCoach said...

It is every year the same with the safari inspired styles, I can not help myself.I am totally addicted to the colorways.