August 1, 2011

rantango x gpv

Nicole from Gary Pepper Vintage at the Cosmopolitan FFF awards!  Photos by Zanita 

The little iphone snaps were some of Nicole's options, and the pink AJE 'rantango' was the final choice!
Nicole looked absolutely breath taking in the stunning mini - with fishtail dress.

Although the sequin story doesn't arrive until October we are offering pre orders now. 
email us 
AJE 'The Rantango' is $890, and available in rose pink and matte black. 

We will also have lots of other stunning sequin pieces when the collection drops...
[dont you just wish it was summer/sequin time now!!]

sending lots of love to our readers! x


amalie said...

wow, she look stunning! and that dress is gorgeous x

Cylia said...

AAAHHH I'm in LOVE with this dress.. I'm getting married next year Summer and I seriously neeeed this dress for the party! still need to save a bit.. so I will wait till October:) Hope it won't be sold out. Thanks for making such pretty dresses dear AJE.

Jillian said...

Iam getting married in 8 weeks and love this for a wedding dress. Only concern is that it might be quite short? Do you think it is wedding appropriate? Thanks.