October 2, 2012

Celeste Tesoriero Interview x

Introducing Celeste Tesoriero... the beautiful and talented designer is now part of the desordre family.
Her winter collection will be dropping in store in Feb/March 2013.. and her accessories are available now! 

Your weekend uniform? 

Casual and comfy. There is usually at least a sneak of leather whacked in there, and more often than not, a little silk. What I wear to grab a coffee is usually the same thing I would wear out, so I tend to still to basics in luxe fabrics.

Special holiday destination? 

I have been desperately trying to get to Mongolia for the last few years. There are more horses there than people! How amazing is that! I find the natives completely captivating and a huge source of inspiration. They train eagles for heck's sake! Not to mention wearing head-to-toe fur whilst riding bareback through snowy mountains. It doesn't get much more awesome than that.

Favourite Winter piece? [Celeste's collection is dropping at desordre in Feb/March 2013]

The Rebellion leather pants. I'm already wearing them on repeat. A comfy pair of leather pants is damn hard to find! 


Norwegian Wood - Haruki Murakami


A mix between Blue Lagoon, The Labrynith and The Dark Crystal.


It changes depending on my mood. I'm a fairly indulgent person. If I really want something, I usually don't hold back. Perhaps my indulgence is ....being indulgent?

Celeste wears  'Kahlo exclusive alchemy silk bomber $330, All that Remains zig zag crochet dress $320 and her own label THE COWBOY GEISHA/LASSKA boots, and Celeste Tesoriero jewellery' - all available now at desordre x

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